More no coloring cards!


Hi there!  Kate here with another non-coloring idea.  If you look back through my previous blog posts, you know I'm not a fan of coloring.  I feel like I'm not that good at it (and I think it takes too long).  So here's an idea to avoid coloring AND use those pesky scraps of cardstock that are piling up (yes, I'm talking to you!)

 Take a 4 /14 x 5 1/2 panel of cheap (or ugly) paper.  You are going to cover this panel entirely with strips of cardstock, so it doesn't matter what it is.  You can trim the strips into random widths on your paper trimmer or use a strips die (like I did in my samples).   Glitter strips and even patterned paper strips would work also!  You can glue the strips in any direction-horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.  

Now take several stamped but UNCOLORED images and pop up onto your striped backgrounds.   The Special Delivery and Beary Christmas stamp sets (the presents) have great images for this technique.  Add as many or as few you'd like.  Finish the card off with a sentiment and you have yourself a colorful card, without coloring!

I'd love to see your version of this card...tag me on Instagram @katedeignancards and don't forget to tag @pawsomestamps for Feature Friday.


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