Sangria O'clock


Hi friends! I'm sharing a clean and simple card using Sangria Time. This set is so unique and has the best sentiments!

To create my card I had to do some masking which I rarely do, but it was a lot of fun! For the cup on the left, I stamped out a slice of orange and partially masked over just the very top part of it before stamping the glass. This made the slice of orange look like it's sticking far out the top.

Next I fully masked the orange and stamped a blueberry so that it's behind the orange and also sticking out of the sangria, but to a lesser degree. I also stamped a full blueberry farther down.

Next I masked the orange slice and both blueberries so I could stamp the mango cube so that it looks like it's farthest back.

I repeated the same process for the glass on the right using a slightly different combination of ingredients.

For the coloring I first colored in the fruit, then colored the sangria on top using a mix of Copics and Ohuhus(O).

Orange peel: Y10, YR14
Orange pith: YR20
Orange flesh: YR12
Mango cubes: YR21, 20
Blueberries: B97, BV04, 02
Mint leaf: GY4(O), GY7(O), GY172(O)
Sangria: R89, 59, 29, 24, 32, 30, 11
Glass: B0000, 000

I also used some reds to darken the flesh of the orange and add shadows so that it looks a little more realistic. Lastly I added some gel pen to look like light is reflecting off the orange flesh, the sangria, and the glasses.

I kept the rest of the card clean and white since I wanted the red sangria to really pop. I propped the glasses up on a plain white backgroud, added one of the fun sentiments, and a few embellishments from Dreamy Days and Georgia Peach sequin mixes.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you like my card! Visit the Pawsome Stamps Store for more amazing products. And for more inspiration, visit us on Instagram: @pawsomestamps @stefkloh


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